Nonprofit Tech Coding and Consulting

What do we do?

We provide pro-bono technology consulting to nonprofit/social sector organizations to make technology more accessible and open to the community.

We build tech solutions for our community.

Code4c's helps nonprofits through three ways: innovating, streamlining and connecting. Examples could be projects that improve current software and database systems, expedite back office operations through automating tasks through code or facilitate organizations' communication with stakeholders, volunteers and donors through CRM, mobile applications or interactive web interfaces. Code4c's ultimate goal is to empower nonprofits with the tools to make the greatest impact.


We are actively seeking clients! If you are a non-profit and are looking for a tech product or advice, please drop us a line. No project is too small to discuss. Even if we decide this is not a fit, we would still love to talk.

If you are a developer and are interested in volunteering, we would also love to discuss!